Beep Boop Bot Takes Suggestions Seriously


Beep Boop Bot Takes Suggestions Seriously

Beep Boop Bot is a casual arcade shooter being developed by Psycho Robot Studios. The game so far features customizeable upgrades, and the studio has implemented several ideas from the community. They are making this game using feedback from their fans as one of their biggest concerns, have already used several fan ideas, and are looking to implement more ideas from the community.

Beep Boop Bot puts you in control of an out of date robot whose goal is to protect the space station from a shipment of violent AI robots. You start off weak, but as you get through levels you can upgrade your robot with better weapons and other permanent modifications. In the levels themselves there are temporary boosts that defeated enemies drop. Some of these make you faster temporarily, others improve your fire power, and one even destroys all weak enemies you can see. The enemies keep spawning until you destroy enough of them and the boss shows up. As you fight the boss, the lower level enemies keep showing up. So you have to fight off the weaker enemies and the boss while avoiding all of their firepower.

Currently there is a free demo of the first three levels completed which is available for download on Psycho Robot Studios Facebook page, and it is about 30-60 minutes of gameplay. Beep Boop Bot is also looking to implement feedback from the community. In fact, they have already implemented ideas from the community including destructible spawns, upgrade received from bosses, and music from fans. Community involvement doesn’t stop there. On their Greenlight page, they call out to the community to give them their ideas for the game “get involved with us through our Facebook (currently) and watch your ideas become playable.” They even let fans know exactly what they are looking for ideas on, “Currently we are seeking ideas for level 6-12 permanent player upgrades.”

Beep Boop Bot is currently trying to get approval on Steam Greenlight, and the demo is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. The company behind the game has community involvement at the core of their beliefs, and they promise, “Our foundation is based on community involvement and will always make that a top priority. Many game developers have started with this way of thinking but lose their way with the money and power they acquire. We vow to always grow our community relations in tangent.” So if this game sounds interesting, check it out and maybe even help it get approved on Greenlight. The demo is free, so you don’t really have anything to lose by trying it out.

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