Author: Spencer Havens


The Fall of Lazarus: Exploring a Dying Ship

The Fall of Lazarus is a science fiction mystery game based around a deep and compelling narrative. It has been two years in the making by indie company No Wand Studios. Now, it needs some support, but they aren’t asking […]


Square Enix’s Newest RPG

Square Enix is breaking in the newly established studio Istolia. They are currently working on a new IP called Project Prelude Rune. Not only that, but they’ve got Hideo Baba to direct the game. Square Enix recently announced the new […]


White Wolf has New Vampire and Mage Games

White Wolf Publishing released the first two World of Darkness games in a very long time this week. They aren’t the big RPGs people were expecting, but they are fun for what they are. One follows the modern world of […]


Pokemon Go Heads to Johto

Pokemon Go isn’t done quite yet. The newest update is adding a lot of new things, and there are still more to come. They’re even putting in a wider selection of clothing for players. Pokemon Go already started heading into […]


Fiction Sphere a Technical Platformer

Fiction Sphere is a new game currently under development. It’s a platformer/beat em up the developers call a technical platformer “with a story driven agenda.” The game has a different story and play style depending on which character you choose. […]


Steam Greenlight is Dead

It’s finally happening. Steam is killing off Steam Greenlight. No longer will developers have to jump through hoops to get Steam users to vote up their game before it could get on Steam. However, the replacement system might not make […]


No Mercy A Thoughtful Brawler

No Mercy is a brawler being made by developer, Multivarious. The game is focused on being entertaining, and accessible to everyone who might want to play. You may be showing no mercy, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be sacrifices […]


WoW Tokens Get a New Use

Wow tokens are a type of currency Blizzard created so that players could exchange money for in game gold from other players. It was meant to help eliminate the need for illegal sites where gold was sold, and it’s been […]


Free Switch Demo Dates in the UK

Not sure if the Nintendo Switch is worth it? Are you curious about how it plays, but still sitting on the fence about pre-ordering it? Well you might just be lucky enough to try a hands on demo of the […]


Apocalypse Now the Video Game

Apocalypse Now was a critically acclaimed movie about the Vietnam war from Francis Ford Coppola. The movie let a lot of people see more of what the war was really like, and now people will get a chance to live […]