Author: Spencer Havens


Joy-Con Connection Error Addressed by Nintendo

Nintendo has officially addressed the Joy-Con connectivity issue, and said more than to keep it away from aquariums. In a recent statement to various news sources, Nintendo explained what the problem was and how they are going to fix it. […]


Tangledeep a Polished Roguelike

Tangledeep is a rouguelike RPG inspired by the height of the 16 bit era. It takes its style from old school games like Secret of Mana, but also takes a lot of features from new ones like Diablo. The game […]


Sacred Fire Features the Voice of the Witcher

Sacred Fire is a psychological RPG featuring the voice talents of Doug Cockle, best known as the Witcher. The game focuses on tactical options and dialogue that you can use willpower to increase your odds of succeeding. The risks and […]


Rocket League New Mode Dropshot

Rocket League developer Psyonix is bringing a new more to rocket league. That’s right, the developers of the popular car sports game are releasing a new free mode for everyone to play. The crazy part? Well the game mode and […]


Nintendo Will let Fans Peek Behind the Curtain on The Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for almost a week. It is still all some people can talk about, and for good reason. Well, if you want to learn more about how the game was […]


Andromeda’s New Launch Trailer

Mass Effect: Andromeda is almost here, and more information about the game keeps streaming out. After teasing a new trailer they released one showcasing the game’s plot of finding a new planet to call home. It comes after a wave […]


New Study Suggests Video Games Don’t Desensitize You

A new study implemented by German scientists shows a stark contrast to the General Aggression Model. Using a small testing group they showed emotionally charged images to see if gaming desensitized players. They found that desesitization from violent media may […]


LawBreakers Closed Beta Announced

The LawBreakers closed beta was just announced. The new studio from Cliff Belszinski, the creator of Gears of War, is bringing this new IP to life. They’ll also be at PAX East in Boston showing off the game. There will […]


Joy-Con Issues Addressed by Nintendo

People are already having trouble with the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch. The terribly flavored games aren’t the only thing bothering people who got the system. Now Nintendo has released information on what to do to help alleviate the problem.


Prevent the Fall, a VR RPG

Prevent the Fall is a VR capable action RPG. The game uses a mixture of procedural generation and hand crafted levels to make a unique experience for each player. Be sure to bring your friend along as this game supports […]