Aperture Science is Beautiful on the Vive


Aperture Science is Beautiful on the Vive

Aperture Science is the name of a VR demo Valve made to showcase the HTC Vive’s capabilities to developers. There have been rumors of the demo and bits and pieces leaked around the internet, but now Node Studios has unveiled the entire demo with direct capture. Aperture Science is set within Valve’s Portal universe, and you are a part of it thanks to Aperture’s “human diversity outreach program.”

In the Aperture Science demo, you are in a small room, and are given various tasks. As you attempt various things you keep failing the Aperture tests, because they are things like opening a drawer that holds a pocket dimension and not looking at what’s inside. Of course you look, and fail to complete the objective, so you are told to close the door and they will incinerate the pocket dimension. Right after you are told “Opening drawers has been removed from your list of responsibilities.” The demo keeps going with instances like this following one another, and often they will give you a job that appears easy, and you complete quickly, but will follow it with a complicated job you have no training for. There is also a cameo of a rotten piece of cake, and a couple familiar robotic faces.

The HTC Vive uses motion controllers in both hands as controllers to work with the immersive headset. In the demo, the headset would bring up a blue grid at various points. This is a warning that the player is getting too close to an obstacle in the real world. There are small front facing cameras on the Vive that configures your room and tracks your space so it can inform you when anything gets in your way.

The Aperture Science demo is on the HTC Vive developers kit, and was just to show what VR can do for games. In the video below you can decide for yourself whether it looks promising or not. The HTC Vive will be coming out commercially in the first quarter of 2016. So, would you be all for VR headsets if the games were put together like the Aperture Science demo?

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