Allegheny Plays With Your Emotions


Allegheny Plays With Your Emotions

Allegheny is a photo realistic survival horror game being developed for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The focus of the game is not just to create an atmosphere of horror, but one that scares you using your own emotions. The game tackles many difficult subjects like drug abuse and domestic violence, all while trying to make you think.

In Allegheny you play as Aleya, and wake up to find yourself trapped in an asylum where you have to find a way out, or do you? Aleya has had drug abuse problems since a young age, as she used whatever she could find to escape the horrors she had seen that kept replaying over and over in her mind. Prescription drugs, alcohol, and even illegal drugs all took a hold of her life as she tried to run away from her past. After years of abusing such things it has become harder and harder for Aleya to distinguish between what is real and what is imaginary, and as the player you’ll have to decide things like whether it is really a good idea to escape after all.

Allegheny is still early in development, but the developers plan on using some unconventional tactics to decide the outcome of the game based on how players are actually playing it. Some of these factors include the following: when and how often you heal yourself, how closely you follow your companion, do you abandon your companion to search different areas, do you make an effort not to bump into your companion, do you check up on your companion when she isn’t traveling with you? Do you take interest when NPC’s just disappear, how often do you talk to NPC’s, do you take time and listen to what NPC’s say, or do you skip through their dialogue, what choices do you make while talking to NPC’s, and how often you look at the picture of your brother in your inventory. Except for now, Allegheny will never tell you that these actions have consequences. According to the developers, “These are obtuse, but insightful observations that actually say something about who you are and how you put yourself into the shoes of the game’s main character. These actions reflect your compassion, attachment, callousness, patience, guilt, confidence, resentment, love, fear…”

Allegheny is still early in development, and is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter here. The small amount of funding they are seeking will go to finalize concept art, begin work on finalized art, 3D asset development, and finalizing the first 3D animation video, and this comes with a fairly modest monetary request from the developers. Allegheny is being made for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and will be DRM free. So, are you interested in a game like Allegheny where you play as an unreliable narrator who has a history of drug abuse; and you may or may not be in a place to get help for your problem, but are still asked to escape?

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