Afterbirth DLC Coming For The Binding of Isaac


Afterbirth DLC Coming For The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting a mega DLC expansion called Afterbirth. This DLC will be bringing a lot more to the game, and will add “another 100+ hours to the game.” It will be coming exclusively to Steam, but will head to other platforms later.

The Afterbirth DLC for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is full of features including a brand new game mode called, “Greed Mode.” In this mode you stay in a single room and fight off waves of randomly chosen enemies. The waves get more and more difficult as they stack on top of each other, but you can press the stop button to cut your losses and stop the enemy waves. There are eight levels you can fight through, and if you do you will get a chance to rest and cash in your loot. The stop button will also change into a skull, and when you press the skull it will spawn an easy wave and then a medium wave. The easy wave will be a basic boss from the chapter, and the medium wave will probably be a basic boss with a small mob. However, if you’re too slow the second wave may spawn alongside the first, but you can sacrifice half a heart to stop the wave from spawning so soon. If you beat both of the bosses then the exit will be opened and you can progress to the next room, or you could take a chance against the “Nightmare Boss Wave” to try and unlock the devil room door. This game mode is all about weighing the risks to the reward, and it features brand new rooms exclusive to this game mode. On the Binding of Isaac website, Nicalis also teased that Greed mode “features a very unique ending that should have you coming back for more for quite a while.”

Along with the new game mode, the Afterbirth DLC has much to offer, including an expanded main game with a new final area, boss, and ending. There are also ten new challenges and “far too many” new achievements, to try and conquer. New online features like competitions for highest daily runs and how long you can stay on the leader boards are coming with the Afterbirth DLC. There is also a new character coming, Lilith the mother of all demons. There will also be 1000+ new rooms, 120 new items, 100+ hours of gameplay, 25+ new enemies, 8 new bosses, and 4 new alternate chapters with specific enemy types, themes, and new surprises. Also included is an updated weapon combo system, new room types (“trap rooms, double treasure rooms, and ultra rare closets”), new transformations, an expanded and updated HUD system, an expanded soundtrack, tons of new seed codes to mod the game, and a new seed code combo page.

The Afterbirth DLC is packed to the brim with new features to make The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth feel like a new game again. The DLC is for Steam, and will be $9.99 (UK price TBA). However, pre-ordering the DLC will get you a “considerable chunk off.” It is set to release to Steam on October 30th, 2015 with a console release to follow some time after that. So, are you excited for the Afterbirth DLC?

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