Affordable Space Adventures for Wii U


Affordable Space Adventures for Wii U

Affordable Space Adventures is coming to the Wii U in early April. The game revolves around players working together to navigate their ship through enemy infested territory without dying. Up to three people can play co-operatively at one time, but only one or two people can also successfully play the game.

Affordable Space Adventures is a 2D puzzle game, and features the ability to utilize the Wii U gamepad to configure and control the spaceship’s systems to avoid being detected by enemies. Affordable Space Adventures is collaboration between Swedish game designer Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren and Danish game studio KnapNok Games. The game also has the support of the Danish Film Institute.

Affordable Space Adventures description on the games’ press release on their website says, “Enjoy all the thrills and excitement of space exploration on a budget? Uexplore brings you affordable space adventures without compromising comfort, fun and safety. Our newest Small Craft (TM) line with its intuitive and simple Heads Down Display technology offers all the functionality and flexibility of the Heads Up Displays installed in more expensive space ships, but at a fraction of the price.”

In Affordable Space Adventures, players can play as the pilot, the science officer, and as the engineer. The pilot uses a Wii remote or classic controller to steer the ship. The science officer uses a Wii remote or classic controller to scan or illuminate things in the environment. The engineer uses the Wii U gamepad to alter the ship’s functions. This means that the players will need to work together to survive, unless you are playing solo. The pilot has to steer clear of dangers and get them through the level while the engineer is constantly changing the power levels to each system to avoid detection, and the science officer is lighting up the path and scanning dangerous obstacles.

One of the features that the developers want to emphasize is the utilization of the Wii U’s gamepad. The touch screen has controls on it that can be used to change the ships systems, power supply, and everything else. Playing solo you have to tap the gamepad to make changes to the systems while you try and pilot your way through obstacles. Playing with friends means you have to trust someone else to make all of the right decisions. There are not a lot of games that utilize the Wii U gamepad as much as Affordable Space Adventures does, and it is nice to see an underutilized but integral piece of the Wii U see more action.

Affordable Space Adventures is only available on the Nintendo e-shop for download for the Wii U, and is set to be released on April 9th.

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