Fantasy Conquest Tactics Stylized Violence


Fantasy Conquest Tactics Stylized Violence

Fantasy Conquest Tactics is an upcoming tactical strategy game. The game features a cartoon style in a medieval fantasy setting. Drawing on inspiration from Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics, this game is set to combine some of the best features of both games for a unique and enjoyable experience.

Fantasy Conquest Tactics gameplay is a unique mix for the tactical strategy genre. Use your troops to scout out the land and capture villages and keeps. Use the gold you get from the captured areas to recruit new units to fight for you. Not only can you recruit powerful warriors and magic users, but you can train animals to fight for you such as a falcon, or even a dragon.

Now that you’ve got your own units you can use them to attack your enemy and wipe their army out while taking down any of the villages or keeps they own and turning them to your side. Use flanking and have multiple units all attack the same enemy for big bonuses. Each unit has its own line-of-sight and range where it can attack. Mix in day and night cycles and units can use stealth to sneak past enemies and gain advantageous position on the battlefield.

Fantasy Conquest Tactics takes the classes and mechanics from Final Fantasy Tactics and mixes it together with the quick, easy to jump in gameplay of Advance Wars. The art style uses a unique and colorful design to set the idea of a traditional fantasy setting. The controls, visuals, and interface are all streamlined for ease of use. The combat is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. The units are extremely varied from one to another. With all the variations in the game every play through is different offer hours upon hours of replayability.


Fantasy Conquest Tactics is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. The game already has a fully fledged demo, so if you wanted more of an idea about the game feel free to check that out on the game’s webpage here. There is also a whole lot more to the game than is covered in this article. So, do you remember playing Advance Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics? Did you play both? Which game did you like better? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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