Lost Ember: An Animal’s Perspective


Lost Ember: An Animal’s Perspective

Lost Ember is an upcoming adventure game being developed by Mooneye Studios. The game isn’t interested in fighting or collecting coins. Instead it is focused on exploration of the world through different perspectives.

In Lost Ember you play as a wolf trying to understand its place in the world by exploring a lost civilization with an ancient spirit. The wolf has been tasked with discovering more about the ruins of the Inrahsi culture, and has been given abilities to help with the task. Not only can the companion spirit recreate ancient structures, like bridges, from their memory at certain points, but also the wolf has the powers to possess other animals. That’s right, the wolf can take control of any other animal in the game and move around as them to explore the world.

Lost Ember focuses on exploration while removing anything that may interfere with that. According to the developers, “The gameplay in Lost Ember focuses on experiencing the world and the story from fascinating perspectives. Each animal you can play offers new possibilities and opportunities for breathtaking moments. Dive into deep waters, fly at lofty heights, dig underground as a mole or even climb steep cliffs with a mountain goat. We want players to move through our world in their own pace without interrupting their gameflow with combat, too hard puzzles or dying in general.”

As the adventure in Lost Ember unfolds the bond between the spirit companion and the wolf grows. The spirit brings up a lot of questions about the old civilization, but all the answers seem to reside in a single place. Machu Kila, a forgotten city that holds all of the answers. Answers like how the world was before nature took it back after the fall of the last civilization.

Lost Ember is the first big project from Mooneye Studios, a team of five friends who met in University. The two programmers Pascal Müller and Tobias Graff work hard to ensure the game is playable and fun. Florens Huhn is the narrative designer who is working to make the game’s story as engaging and seamless as possible. While Maximilian Jasionowski focuses on the direction of the art and Matthias Oberprieler makes sure that the 3D characters are expressive and detailed.


Lost Ember is a beautiful game being developed for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It is currently on Kickstarter, and even though it just recently started it already has gained a lot of funding. It is also trying to be Greenlit on Steam, so if you have a Steam account you could really help them out by checking that out. So, what do you think about a game that has a wolf (a low level villain in most video games) as the main character in a game about exploration? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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