Death Stranding; Alien Whales Revealed?


Death Stranding; Alien Whales Revealed?

It has been a while since Kojima announced Death Stranding at E3. So after all that time surely more information has come out? Well, in spite of how close-lipped Kojima has been new information has gotten out about the highly anticipated game.

One of the biggest pieces of news is about the release date. Kojima himself said that it would be out before the next summer Olympics. That means it has to be released before 2020, but there was more to it then that. At the Tokyo Game Show he announced that the game would be released before the date that the dystopian anime Akira was set. With that movie being set in Japan in 2019, that means Death Stranding will be coming out in two short years!

Most of the new information about Death Stranding came from the Sony Tokyo Game Show conference. He even explained the title to the audience. “Whales and dolphins sometimes conduct mass strandings. If they live it’s live stranding, if they’re dead it’s death stranding. This title refers to something from another world, stranded in our world.” That’s right, extraterrestrial dolphins and whales.

Kojima is trying to break walls with Death Stranding. Not only is he using the stranding part of the title, but he even breaks it down further into the strand part as well. In the video below Kojima quoted Kōbō Abe and his short story, Rope. “The mankind first invented a club or rod. It’s a tool invented to keep threats away. And then the man invented rope to keep and catch valuable things.” Kojima said the rod and the rope is what created human society. All action games up until now were about the club or rod, but with Death Stranding he wants to connect players with something other than the club.

One of Kojima’s closing statements was, “In Death Stranding I want to propose a next step, a future of games. Here I am to offer a game where players are connected by a strand or rope-like element. Of course, clubs will still be used for battle, but at the end of the day I want to offer an action game where people get connected by different elements than just clubs.”


A few other tidbits are that Death Stranding will be an action game. It will be open world with a degree of freedom for the player. There will be online elements to the game that involve more than violence. There will be a female protagonist, and maybe co-op. One thing to remember is that this may be called an action game, but Kojima reminded us that the original metal gear was also called an action game before stealth games were a thing.


Death Stranding still has a lot of mystery surrounding it. There are leaks here and there, but still not very much information about this game is floating around. People are still getting excited about it though, and hopefully as development time goes on, the game lives up to all of that hype. Do you think Kojima productions will be able to make Death Stranding a success? Let me know in the comments below.

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