Dawn of the Devs; Bringing Down the C.E.O.


Dawn of the Devs; Bringing Down the C.E.O.

Dawn of the Devs is a 2D platformer that utilizes puzzle, action, and stealth. The game is a parody based around some of the worst aspects of the game industry. They poke fun at everything from bad CEO practices to piracy.

In Dawn of the Devs players get to choose between three different developers. Tom Schiffer, who holds the abilities of point and click adventure games. Biff Klozinski who holds the powers of a sci-fi action shooter. There’s also Hiro Komiya who has the power of narrative driven stealth games. All three of them are needed to get through puzzles, and the player can switch back and forth between them or play with friends.

The game world in Dawn of the Devs is made up of five different zones. Each zone has its own enemies the player will have to face, and all of them follow a separate theme. The three developers got pulled there through a dimensional portal that appeared during a popular game event in Los Angeles. The world they enter is evil and corrupt, but it wasn’t always. It wasn’t until the rise of the C.E.O. (Chief Evil Overlord) that the world started to descend. With every negative piece of the game industry his powers grow, and he strengthens his army to prepare to take over Earth’s game industry as well.


According to the developers, “We are making this game as a love letter to all those game developers who have given us so many unforgettable moments with their games, from the bottom of our hearts and with the uttermost respect for their figures and background. Many of them have inspired us to get into the game industry; some others have enlightened us to improve every day, while some others are a role model for many game developers. We really wanted to make homage to all these minds behind unique worlds, characters and universes that we have enjoyed in so many unforgettable experiences.”


Dawn of the Devs is looking for funding on Kickstarter, and could use your help in spreading the word that it exists. The more exposure it gets the more people will be able to help them out. So, what do you think about a game that pokes fun of the current state of the video game industry?

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