Vulpine; Swords and Foxes and Bears oh my


Vulpine; Swords and Foxes and Bears oh my

Vulpine is a game that lets you play as a happy little animal. A happy little animal wielding ridiculous weapons that is! Perform ridiculous feats of athleticism as an animal holding a sword in their mouth in the newest game from the two-man studio Clockwork Giant Games.

Vulpine is an open world game with all the classics of open world gameplay, including crafting, building shelter, fighting enemies, and holding dangerous weapons in your mouth. Explore the large world and find landmarks of a long lost civilization and even dungeons filled with monsters and loot. Collect resources and stock up on supplies in your own personalized den that will stay with you no matter what server you log into.  The server matters because the game can be played by a lot of people together, or you can go solo.

With three animal types and three weapon types there is plenty of room for variety in Vulpine. There are small, medium, and large animals. With small being faster and large being stronger with medium there as a decent balance between the two. As for weapons there are swords, spears, and hammers. Swords are for quick uses and combos, hammers are for big hits, and spears are for reaching further with your attacks. Any animal can use any weapon, but a rabbit with a hammer will do less damage than a bear with one.

Vulpine draws its inspiration from three main sources, Terraria, Monster Hunter, and Tokyo Jungle. The creators wanted a world of beautiful creatures and horrifying bosses like Terraria. All while having epic boss battles that require you to learn in the middle of a fight and study your opponents moves like in Monster Hunter. Tokyo Jungle is where the idea really came to life. After all regular animals performing stupendous acrobatic feats is at the core of both games.


Vulpine is currently on Kickstarter and is not only seeking funding, but is also offering rewards for community support, like fanart and retweeting their pinned tweet. They’ve already been approved on Steam Greenlight, and, if you’re interested, they have a devlog here. Anyone who is a fan of survival and low poly animals this is the game for you. What do you think about a game where animals fight using weapons? Is it too ridiculous, or is it just too awesome? Let me know in the comments below.

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