That Day We Left; The Harrowing Escape of a Refugee


That Day We Left; The Harrowing Escape of a Refugee

That Day We Left is a low poly 3D adventure game with survival resource management and a lot of split second decisions that need to be made. Developed by Inner Void, creators of Icy, the focus is on telling the story of Syrian refugees without a bias one way or the other. The player will be left to draw their own conclusions from dealing with events based around actual events in refugee’s stories.

In That Day We Left you play as Rashid, and you have to lead a group of people from a country torn apart by civil war to Europe. Every choice you make, every situation you choose to try to avoid will have consequences. Not only will the rest of the group change and react to your decisions, but also they may die because of them. You’ll be influencing their personalities and outlook on life just as your choices may end up with them sick or dying.

Thanks to the strong writing team working on That Day We Left, there is a lot done to make the characters more than just two-dimensional. Each character has their own driving forces, and as their leader you’ll have to get them all to work together. Not only will you be making decisions and talking with the group, but you’ll have to manage your resources. That means making sure you have enough food and water for your basic survival, and enough money and valuables to make it through some of the more harrowing experiences. After all, a little extra money can really help you through a checkpoint easier.


According to the Kickstarter, “Our main focus is to merge different stories together in order to create a compelling experience capable of delivering a meaningful narrative and constituting a reliable source of information concerning the fate of the refugees…We won’t represent the refugees as invaders or heroes, we will present them as desperate people fleeing from their country, leaving it to the player to draw her/his own conclusions about the subject matter.”



That Day We Left is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter to help the studio realize their vision for the game. If you want to help them out, but don’t want to spend money you can vote for them on Steam. There is also a demo for PC and Mac available here if you want to try out the game before you do anything else. So, what do you think when games try to tackle social issues like this? Should they even bother doing serious things like this, or should games stick to jokes and imaginary conflicts?

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