The Adventure Pals; Helicopter Tongue Giraffes


The Adventure Pals; Helicopter Tongue Giraffes

The Adventure Pals is a platformer based around the idea of childhood wonder and imagination. Currently being developed by Massive Monster studio, take on the role of a brave explorer and save your father with your pet giraffe and pet rock. Some monsters created for the game were scrapped for not being “weird enough,” and seeing the art for the game should make that not at all surprising.

What’s an adventure without an epic goal to accomplish? The Adventure Pals have the goal set for you early as the nefarious Mr. B kidnaps your father. Of course, it’d be too simply if your goal was just to rescue him. No, in the game you have to rescue him before Mr. B transforms him into a human size hotdog. Together with Sparkles the giraffe and Mr. Rock you’ll battle through 125 different levels and 5 separate areas filled with towns, mini games, secret cupcakes, adventure, and more. You can also play side by side with a friend, or stranger you’ve seen a couple times on the bus, using local co-op that is supported by the game.

The Adventure Pals draws visual inspiration from shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls while the gameplay was inspired by such classics as Zelda 2, Castle Crashers, and Banjo Kazooie. You can see some of this through the helicopter tongue of your magical giraffe, and the salty danger posed by the Breakfast Buccaneer. The game is supposed to be reminiscent of when you went out and played pretend in the forest, so the game had to be exceptionally wacky to match the imagination of a child exploring. I’m sure you’ll agree that they definitely hit the mark on that one.

Julian Wilton and Jay Armstrong are the co-creators of The Adventure Pals, and “Jimp” was the man who opened doors for them. Jay is the programmer for the game, and has even had his work featured in a London museum. According to the Kickstarter one of the most important skills he has is “a vague knowledge of how to make sure the computer doesn’t spontaneously set on fire.” Julian is the artist for the game. He has worked on over 15 games, and according to the Kickstarter “has an imagination the size of an elephant, a really big elephant.” Jimp has worked on several other games for Massive Monster studio, but he is credited in The Adventure Pals as being a man who can open just about any door. An often-overlooked skill that is incredibly useful.



The Adventure Pals is currently on Kickstarter seeking funding to push them through their last stretch before release. When the game is finished it will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam. The game is also hilarious, and especially silly at all times making it the perfect game to relax with after a stressful day. So, do you think this game is really a conspiracy since the names of everyone at Massive Monster begins with a J? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Written by Spencer Havens, who loves a good dose of silliness in his day.


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