Snow Horse; Unparalleled Horse Action


Snow Horse; Unparalleled Horse Action

Snow Horse is the video game where you prove all those naysayers wrong by proving that a horse can tear it up on the slopes. The game is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You play as a horse on a snowboard doing jumps and tricks.

One of the biggest questions asked will always be “why not?” This was probably asked at some time when developer Christopher Figueroa first thought of putting a horse on a snowboard for a video game. Now here we are with just 9 more days until the game’s release, and for many people the game’s slogan, “Snow Horse the snowboarding horse game you never asked for but always wanted” is truer than ever.


Snow Horse not only lets you send a horse plummeting down a mountain with only a snowboard for protection, but also lets you mix up how that looks. You can customize not only your snowboard, but your horse as well, including putting on a pumpkin head or top hat. As if being a horse on a snowboard outperforming Olympic athletes wasn’t enough, they let you do it in style.


Snow Horse was rejected from the Taco Bell Indie Game contest, and wears that rejection as a badge of pride. They also claim to be rejected by Redbull, and mountain dew “for being horse related.” The game, and the days up to its release have been filled with humor like this, and various pictures of people in horse masks doing everything from taking off a horse mask to reveal another horse mask to chilling in a pool with a horse mask on. The game’s Facebook feed is also full of things like this, and if you enjoy horse related humor you’ll be sure to get a kick out of it.



Snow Horse releases on Steam and iOS August 4th. The game is one big joke, and should not be taken seriously by people who may be offended by a horse soaring down a mountain doing tricks and occasionally crashing. Although, to be fair they should probably be proud that the horse in Snow Horse is breaking stereotypes and furthering the cause of horses participating in more winter sports. I think we all know that horses are severely underrepresented there. Anyway, tell me your thoughts on Snow Horse, and whether you think you’ll give it a try once it comes out.

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