Fallout Shelter: Biggest Update Yet


Fallout Shelter: Biggest Update Yet

Pokemon Go may be a sensation throughout the world where people can play it, but there are other mobile games that have made a big impact. One of those hit games is Fallout Shelter, which broke a few of its own records back when it was released. Now it has some new content and can be played on more devices.

Bethesda has millions of downloads for their popular mobile game Fallout Shelter, and recently released it for PC. However, it is not on any big website like Steam or GoG. Currently, the game is only available through the Bethesda.net launcher. To make sure people knew where to go, Bethesda tweeted a direct link to download the game from them.


There is also news on the mobile side of Fallout Shelter. Today there is a huge update for the game that adds tons of new content to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the game’s release. There are six new additions to the game. Well, the last one is more of an enticement, but it’s close enough to an updated mechanic.

Fallout Shelter is getting quests. This lets the overseer (you) travel outside with their vault dwellers to explore all new locations. Bethesda was also sure to add, “Vault-Tec is not responsible for lost time, or Dwellers.” There are also new locations in the Wasteland including abandoned buildings, super duper mart, red-rocket gas stations, and more. Combat has received an update and gives you better control of your questing dwellers. To go along with updated combat there are new enemies including ghouls and boss enemies. For fans of the Vault-Tec lunchbox there are new items in the store, and a lot of new bundles for the savvy adventurer. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly on the update is this three word phrase, “Please find Paula.”



First Pokemon Go brings hordes of new fans clamoring to Pokemon, now Fallout Shelter has gotten a major update, and soon the newest Monster Hunter game will be released. There is a whole lot going on, and a whole lot of people who are enjoying it. Tell me, what’s your favorite game right now, or is there something coming out soon that you’re really excited for?

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