Faeria: The CCG Mixed With a Board Game


Faeria: The CCG Mixed With a Board Game

Faeria is a new CCG that has been in development for years. The game switches up several of the classic CCG systems to make gameplay more interesting. One of the biggest changes is the use of a “game board” as a key mechanic within the game.

Faeria plays similar to most CCGs nowadays. The cards have abilities that many would expect to find from any in a game of Magic the Gathering. However, there are also abilities tied with the game board that make this game unique. Each turn you can choose to make part of the game board a different land type. There are five land types, which are mountain, forest, lake, desert, and prairie. Prairie works as a neutral land without any special abilities, but if you choose it you get to place two tiles down instead of only one of the others at the beginning of your turn. The cards in your hand can only be played if you have enough land on the board to meet their summoning requirement, and you have to have enough Faeria to pay the cost for summoning them.


Faeria is not only the name of the game; it is also the name of the point system that is used in the game to summon monsters similar to how Magic the Gathering uses Mana. However, you get a fixed three points at the beginning of each turn. There are ways to increase your points, such as controlling the Faeria wells on the corners of the game’s grid map. The points in the game also carry over each turn, so you can save up for a big move if you wanted.



Faeria is currently in early access, and is still looking at adding more features for the final game, such as observer mode and different tournaments. It had a successful Kickstarter back in 2013, and has been working to deliver all of its promised goals to backers of the game. Right now it is on Steam, and costs a little to get, but if you’re looking for a change in the CCG market this game may be just what you’re looking for.

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