Ilios: Betrayal of Gods Kickstarter


Ilios: Betrayal of Gods Kickstarter

Ilios: Betrayal of Gods is an action adventure game based around the classic Greek books, the Iliad and the Odyssey that is being developed by Aurora Studios. With an in depth story and intense combat system, Ilios has something in it for everyone. Especially with its inspiration coming from games like Castlevania, Odin Sphere, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta.

In Ilios: Betrayal of Gods, you play as Polites. The game starts at the end of the Trojan War. The city has fallen, your brothers are all dead, and now only you and your city remain of the royal family, but you are severely injured, and will not only lose your arm, but probably your life. You take refuge in the temple of Poseidon, and before long you see your sister being captured by the Greeks. You do not have the strength to do anything, and so you call out to Poseidon to save your sister. He didn’t support the Trojans in the war, but somehow you feel life flooding back into your body, and a magical arm has replaced your mangled one. Now you have the powers of a demigod and can switch between the human world and the divine world. Immediately you rush out to find your sister, but all you see is the complete destruction of your once proud city. You hear a scream and recognize your sister’s voice. Without hesitation, you go after her.

In Ilios: Betrayal of Gods there are nine levels, fifty characters, sixty combos and attacks to master, eight hours of adventure, a metric tonne of achievements, and all of this is in 60fps. The game may be a beat ‘em up, but that doesn’t mean you have to play the same way as someone else. With customization you can alter your play style however you see fit. Your ability to travel between realms lets you go places normally blocked off, and if done at the right time, will counter your opponent’s moves. You can also gain the powers of the gods as you fight through the game, and upgrade each power individually so you only have to use the ones you like best. Of course, the real choice comes down to whether or not you will spare the gods after you beat them in battle. They have done nothing to deserve your mercy, but there are consequences for a mortal killing a god.

Ilios: Betrayal of Gods is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter here. They are also seeking approval on Steam Greenlight, and are currently in the top 50 projects seeking approval. When the game is finished it will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam, but if stretch goals are met it may also come out to console.

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