Blackroom VR FPS Gone Rogue


Blackroom VR FPS Gone Rogue

From the original creators of Wolfenstein, Quake, Doom, and many others highly rated games ( along with having two of the founders of id software) comes Blackroom. This is a difficult FPS that returns to “fast, violent, and masterful play on the PC.” With John Romero as game lead, Adrian Carmack as the art director, and George Lynch as the composer they are starting off with some very skilled personnel that promise to make the game as good as possible.

The premise of Blackroom is that a company called HOXAR has developed a ground breaking holographic worlds that allow people to be anywhere in the world using one giant black room. The military first used the technology for realistic training, but HOXAR started to branch out into the private sector with simulations to entertain children, and to create the most realistic horrifying experiences for adults. The only problem is that it seems like people using the Blackroom are starting to go crazy. On further investigation it seems like the virtual worlds are mixing together and bleeding into the real world. At the heart of the tangled web of horror lurks something sinister that appears to be pulling the strings. As you face simulation after simulation with your gun and Boxel it seems to tap into your deepest fears and makes them a reality. You have to run, strafe, and shoot with split second reflexes as the monstrosities from within the simulation become real enough to end your life. Will you be able to stop them, or will you be unable to distinguish reality from the simulation and end up hurting someone you care about?


In Blackroom, the main character joins the ranks of characters like Isaac in Deadspace, Tali-Zorah from Mass Effect, Dr. Gordon Freeman, Lucca from Chrono Trigger, and The Engineer in Team Fortress 2 by being an engineer in a video game. After all, when your virtual reality machine is broken, you don’t call in security, you call in the guy who is supposed to be able to fix it; and guess what, that’s exactly what Dr. Santiago Sonora is trying to do. Using the Boxel, a wrist mounted device engineers within HOXAR use to influence the environment (including your weapons and even your enemies) within virtual reality.

Blackroom is chocked full of features, but will have a staff of skilled personnel working on the game, so it isn’t far fetched that they will accomplish their goals. For multiplayer, there are a variety of modes that can be in military sims, hellish infernos (think Doom), or even in space. Some of those modes are 1 v 1, deathmatch, free-for-all, and co-op. The single player campaign will be 10+ hours and take you through a myriad of simulated worlds. You’ll have to master the talent of traversal with rocket jumping, strafe jumping, and circle strafing if you want a chance at survival. You can try your hand at abstract level design within the game using a system crafted by John Romero with art by Adrian Carmack. The game will start out with six maps for multiplayer, but it will be easy for the community to make their own maps and use them. Along with support for community maps, there is full mod support that even has dedicated servers. If the vanilla game isn’t challenging enough for you, there are different challenge modes that require you to beat extra goals. Of course you can use your Boxel to alter the environment, including your weapons and enemies. This is just a quick overview, and Blackroom has many more features going into the game that make it stand out even more.


Blackroom is a challenging FPS being created by pioneers within the industry. The game is currently on Kickstarter seeking support from the community so that they can prove to the people who are considering funding them that the community really supports this game. They also have a website for the game here. I know it’s hard to have the money to back all these different games (along with buying games when they actually come out, but even if you don’t have a ton of money there are a bunch of community goals that you can jump in on. That way there is something for everyone to be able to get involved with. So, do you like the idea of a challenging FPS games like Doom but with high quality, modern graphics?

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