Chronicles of Ruin Turn-Based and Real-Time


Chronicles of Ruin Turn-Based and Real-Time

Chronicles of Ruin is an interesting mix of genres that the developer, Dusty Games, describes as a “real-time tactical Japanese-style RPG.” It mixes an engrossing narrative with the ability to control entire armies, not just a small team. The g[NoCache]ame is still in development, but is already very far in.

In a world used to war peace was only the dream of a fool. At least until a powerful magic user, Weyrin, unleashed a powerful curse. It wasn’t long until the entire kingdom of Galamonde had fallen victim, and obediently fell in line under Weyrin. The three surrounding countries, that have been at nearly constant war for ages, banded together to hold back the curse as best they could. Sadly, bad blood doesn’t disappear, even with the constant threat of outbreak. The teetering peace is on the edge and ready to shatter, and in Chronicles of Ruin, you see this through a diverse cast of characters from across the world.


Chronicles of Ruin is a fresh take on tactical RPG’s and is full of interesting features. The game is played in real-time with large scale army management, map control, and an intimate narrative classic of JRPG’s. In the game, you control an entire army that starts from a few unseasoned fighters to a maximum 50 expert soldiers. There is also a wide variety of 38 character classes with 28 standard classes and 10 unique classes reserved for the greatest heroes. Detailed stages are hand crafted to help convey the story and add elements of strategy to the game.


The combat in Chronicles of Ruin has been tweaked into a refined version of turn-based combat. Now, I bet you’re confused since I already said it’s real-time. The game runs in real-time until it cuts away into the battle scene which uses a turn-based system. There is also a wide variety of ways to customize your character. With a wide variety of equipment, hands on choices for stats as you rack up levels, and different paths within each individual class being full of enough variety that no two are alike. On top of this there is an expansive crafting system that lets you make everything from simple daggers to weapons worthy of being called legendary.

Chronicles of Ruin is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The game is developed by one person that is very passionate about the project. The game is planned to come out for PC, Mac, and Linux in summer 2017. So, what do you think about this mix of real-time and turn-based gaming with complex and interesting stories.

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