Happy Goggles Mix French Fries and VR


Happy Goggles Mix French Fries and VR

McDonald’s is jumping on the VR train with Happy Goggles. These are the fast food chain’s response to VR, and it is closer to Google Cardboard than the Oculus Rift. This move will be most popular with any designers planning on making a game that would benefit from the smell of French fry grease.

Happy Goggles are made out of a special edition Happy Meal box. The box has an eye and nose hole pop out, a perforated edge to tear along the side, a lens pack in the box itself, fold the remaining box up, slide the lens pack inside and then put your phone in. It works on basically the same principle as Google Cardboard.


According to the product’s website Happy Goggles were created to keep the Happy Meal box important to modern families. The website was originally in Swedish, but here is a rough translation of what it says on the website. “We are committed to the world’s most famous box and know it will continue to be relevant for families. That means it must constantly evolve. But development does not mean big changes. Sometimes you just need a little tear and fold. Say hello to Happy Goggles – VR goggles made out of a Happy Meal box.”

Happy Goggles are going to first be tested in seven select restaurants in Sweden starting March 5th. If it is well received the product is likely to be implemented in other regions. So that means you could see the new Happy Meal boxes floating around your local McDonald’s in a few months.


Happy Goggles are McDonald’s form of VR using a Happy Meal box. It will be tested in select Swedish McDonald’s first, and if it is successful there it will be implemented in other countries as well. This is a push by McDonald’s to keep the Happy Meal box relevant, and will make it easier for parents who are fans of VR to share that with their kids without having to spend a lot of money. So, what do you think of grease flavored VR goggles? Will they be a huge hit, or will they flop like day old fries?

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