Pinstripe: A Father’s Journey


Pinstripe: A Father’s Journey

Pinstripe is a 2D adventure game being created by Thomas Brush, a single developer who is the mind behind the award winning games, Coma and Skinny. One of the major aspects of the game is the “distinct and atmospheric” soundtrack that helps make the world feel more real. The game has simple gameplay so that the players can focus on enjoying themselves without worrying about complex combos or other things like that.

Pinstripe follows the adventure of an ex-minister named Teddy as he dives into Hell to find his daughter Bo. She was kidnapped by a mysterious figure that claimed to be God, and now he has to travel past all kinds of strange monsters to get her back. Luckily, he doesn’t have to go it alone. His childhood puppy George is happy to be along for the ride, and help Teddy with the various challenges they encounter.


The simple gameplay of Pinstripe leaves the player open to “focus on the art, music, and story, and become immersed in the beautiful atmosphere.” One of the focuses of the game is ignite in players the feeling that video games gave them when they were children. To help them shed off the worries of their life, and enjoy running around the strange world of Hell without a lot of confusing controls or combos to master.


Thomas explained the benefits of having only a single developer working on a game, “Pinstripe is unique in that the entire experience, from visuals to the music, is intentionally crafted by one individual, resulting in one cohesive piece of art.”

Pinstripe features beautiful 2D graphics, an emotional story about a father’s journey for his daughter, a detective adventure as you uncover and examine clues about your past, “strange and challenging on-screen puzzles,” a beautiful soundtrack that sets the theme well, six different worlds that are all unique in their own way, and more. The music is especially important to Thomas, and his last two games, Coma and Skinny, received several awards for their soundtracks.


Pinstripe has already been approved through Steam Greenlight, and is looking for support through Kickstarter. It will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux when it is complete, and it also has a mobile version as a stretch goal. So, does this game look good enough for your support?

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