Essence: Explore Beautiful Worlds


Essence: Explore Beautiful Worlds

Essence is an upcoming scenic exploration and adventure game being developed by Onevision. The game takes you through five core worlds which have multiple areas and smaller sub-worlds. These worlds may appear separate, but as you explore the worlds you will discover that the story links them together.

In Essence you wake up in the midst of a fantastic world, and have to discover why you are there along with what happened to each of these worlds. As you travel through the worlds you can collect lost fragments of the worlds, discover secret places, solve puzzles, and learn new abilities that help you reach more of the world. However, the main goal of your character is to discover what happened in the past on each of the worlds and find out how to fix it.


The five core worlds of Essence operate as open worlds full of breathtaking environments for players to freely explore. All these worlds are connected and create a larger universe. These worlds are full of puzzles and labyrinths. To solve these puzzles you will have to use new abilities to open paths and reveal secrets. Some abilities are floating, flying, creating a ball of light to illuminate your path, and freezing or reversing time. If you’re stumped thinking about what ability to use, the environment will give hints to show you what needs to be done.


Essence will launch on Mac, Linux, and PC if the game is funded, but if it reaches certain stretch goals it will also release on Xbox One, PS4, and Virtual Reality. The game also has a demo, but you have to become a backer on its Kickstarter page to get access to it. So, do you want to explore the mysterious open worlds in a game like Essence?

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