The Final Station At The End Of The World


The Final Station At The End Of The World

The Final Station is rolling onto Steam this summer. It is a post-apocalyptic survival game where you’re in charge of a train, and your job is to find enough fuel to keep her going while scavenging for supplies and saving survivors at any stops you make. All the while having infected trying to slow your progress and bum a ride on your shiny train.

The world has ended. Civilization has crumbled and society has fallen apart, but you’ve got a trick up your sleeve. That trick is thousands of tonnes of steam driven power at your fingertips. As long as you keep moving none of the infected stand a chance of getting to you. However, you’ll have to keep her fueled somehow, and the big question any time you stop to fight your way through infected to get supplies is whether or not to help any survivors that you encounter. After all, people do tend to complicate situations, especially in an end of the world scenario. What will you decide in The Final Station? TheFinalStation

The Final Station is a “post-apocalyptic survival game in a similar vein to ‘This War of Mine’.” In the game your only real goal is to survive as long as you can by keeping the train running, which means stopping at stations to find fuel. At each station the infected will try and end your little adventure. Along with the infected will be a survivor here and there. You will have to decide whether to let them come with you, or leave them to die. If you take them with you, you’ll gain perks, but also different hindrances. After all, people are people and post-apocalyptic games seem to enjoy looking at how people react once society crumbles.


The Final Station is scheduled for release on Steam in the summer of 2016. The game is being released by tinyBuild Games, and looks like it will be an interesting addition to zombie survival games. So, what do you think about a game where you get to run a train after society ends?

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Written by Spencer Havens, who feels a lot older now that Pokemon has turned 20, but in honor of #Pokemon20 here is a sketch he has of Totodile, his very first Pokemon. That’s right, he’s a poser who started at Gen II.

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