Libra of the Vampire Princess on Kickstarter


Libra of the Vampire Princess on Kickstarter

Libra of the Vampire Princess is marching to Western audiences, at least that’s what XERO and Mikandi Japan are hoping for. Visual novels are very popular in Japan (“about 300 new titles released” every year), but not very many get translated for Western audiences. XERO’s hope is that this game getting funded on Kickstarter will be the first step to bringing Visual Novels to the entire world instead of focusing mainly in Japan.


The story starts a little after the death of Shuma’s (the main character) mother’s death. Before she passed on she had given him a keepsake ring, which he now wears on a necklace around his neck. As the pain from the loss of his mother starts to heal, what looks like a young girl named Iris shows up. She reveals the secrets of Shuma’s past, and the truth about his father. Before he can begin to process any of this her fangs come out and she attempts to awaken Shuma’s ancestral blood, but a blinding light pours from his mother’s keepsake ring and stops her attack. Shuma uses this chance to escape, but he can feel his body changing, and wonders if he was too late to stop Iris. Now, unlike the rest of his life, girls seem to be popping up into his life from every direction, and to make matters worse all he seems to want to do is suck their blood. That is just the start of Libra of the Vampire Princess.


Libra of the Vampire Princess features over 50 hours of gameplay. The game is filled with beautiful artwork from several skilled artists, and plenty of voice acting from many talented professionals. The story itself has over “1.1 million Japanese characters (equivalent to more than 8 light novels)”. There are four main paths within the story that follow the characters Calen, Aoi, Mari, and Lycoris. The physical release of the game, if funded, will be DRM-Free and the digital release will be through Steam where Libra of the Vampire Princess has already been approved by the community.


Bringing Libra of the Vampire Princess to Western audiences is a large undertaking, and would take almost 10 months to actually prepare it for release to Western audiences. XERO is willing to undertake this extensive process, and just need help from you. Check the game out on Kickstarter, and if you like it, spread the word. So, do any of you play visual novels regularly?

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