Old School Musical Closed Beta


Old School Musical Closed Beta

Old School Musical is a retro rhythm game that offers more then many other similar games. The game is a tribute to gaming history and as such is inspired by several classic video games. However, the inspiration and focus is towards the chiptune music from those games, and this is something that makes Old School Musical unique.

Tib and Rob are the heroes of Old School Musical, and the two of them embark on an adventure that will have them traversing the world hunting for the source of all bugs. Together, the two of them must travel through different worlds and video game styles all to the beat of classic video game inspired chiptunes.

Old School Musical will have more than twenty original levels, a story mode, hidden mini-games, and more. Each level of Old School Musical will play differently to coincide with a different classic game, while still staying true to the rhythm genre. This won’t be just like every other rhythm game you have ever played. The music is of course very important to the game, and the developers tried to give the songs a sound that mixed modern and retro. To accomplish this they partly composed the music using old game stations, and then reworked the tracks by computer. This gives their songs the unique sound the developers were looking for.

If Old School Musical has piqued your interest, you don’t have to worry that the demo is not planned to be out until some time in 2016. This is because the game’s Facebook page is giving away invitations to a closed beta. Alternatively, you can sign up for the beta through this link. This beta is going to be used by the developers to refine the game so that they can release the best demo possible to coincide with a crowdfunding campaign. The developers also said that for every 100 people who like their Facebook and Twitter pages that “we will distribute 50 additional keys…”

Old School Musical is still being developed, and they just recently opened the door to accepting beta testers. Which means that if you want a better chance to try out the game, you’re going to have to spread the word and get your friends to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages. So, how do you feel about a video game that pays tribute to the music of classic video games?

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