Super Micro Heroes; Chaotic Multiplayer


Super Micro Heroes; Chaotic Multiplayer

Super Micro Heroes is an online retro platformer where up to ten players can compete against each other that is being developed by Mutant Games. The game has lots of items and traps to keep players on their toes as they compete to be the best. With each level structured as a sort of race, but with coins and different objectives, players will be judged on multiple things to decide who is the winner.

Micro land is in need of a new King. The citizens are not the best at making well thought out decisions, so they decided to hold a championship to find someone suitable. The contest is supposed to challenge the contestant’s intelligence, capabilities, wisdom, and heart. However, with all the traps and dangerous items lying around, there certainly is opportunity for someone to just knock the rest of their opponents out of the running. With up to ten different people competing, Super Micro Heroes is set to offer a whole lot of crazy fun and backstabbing to online play.

Super Micro Heroes draws inspiration from Mario Kart, Takeshi’s Castle, Wario Ware, Castle Crashers, Smash Bros., and more. The developers have a modest goal for what they can accomplish, but with enough funding they hope to bring the game to consoles, and not just PC, Mac, and Linux. They also would like to add more levels, include more hats that grant special abilities, and a level editor that will let you share your very own levels with your friends online.

“Super Micro Heroes gameplay is crazy, with a bunch of players moving, jumping and using items that they pick-up in the scenario. The level will have plenty of traps and fun elements like inverted gravity zones, turbo cannons or moving platforms. Players have to avoid the traps or take advantage of them on each situation, while disturbing other players as much as possible.” Explained Mutant Games on their Kickstarter page, “Gaming experience will be always fun and unpredictable. A different goal will be given to players on each level, while they will be try to survive to avoid elimination, and collect the maximum amount of coins.”

Mutant Games is currently seeking funding to finalize Super Micro Heroes on Kickstarter, and they have already been Greenlit by the Steam community. The game’s Steam page is here. Super Micro Heroes has retro graphics, and is trying to integrate fast paced and crazy gameplay seen in mini games but with up to ten players at a time.

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