A More Beautiful World Needs Your Help


A More Beautiful World Needs Your Help

A More Beautiful World is a fully voiced kinetic visual novel based in medieval Europe. The storyline will reflect real world historical events as a nod to history buffs, and along with those are other hidden references for people who are in the know. There is also a demo available to give you a taste of what the game will be like, and if you are curious the studio’s website is here.

Back in the time where a good sword arm could get your just as far as your wit, A More Beautiful World is based in medieval Europe where magic has turned into nothing more then a distant memory told to help children sleep at night. A young witch named Violetta journeys around the world to witness the complexities of life and interact with people from all walks of life. Inspired by novels like Spice and Wolf along with Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, A More Beautiful World places an emphasis on “relationships, money, and politics.”

A More Beautiful World features music from Steve Melin and harmonicblend. Sprites and CG’s will be created by Yuuki. Darren Kwok is the author for the game, and has experience in marketing several visual novels already. Sillyselly is creating the background art for the game. Both ameliori and artsvan will also assist in the “artistic process.” MysteryCorgi is the programmer for the game, and already has several published visual novels under her belt. The game will also be fully voiced in English thanks to Sound Cadence Studios, which is a freelance indie casting and production studio that is partnered with Team Four Star. This has gotten A More Beautiful World several big name voice actors who should sound very familiar to most of you.

A More Beautiful World is currently on Kickstarter seeking enough funding to push the game to the next level and also to upgrade the quality of art. The game is also seeking approval through Steam Greenlight, and you can download a demo of the game through their Kickstarter page if you’re on the fence about it. So, how do you feel about visual novels, or are you unsure of what exactly they are?

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