Necrobarista the Supernatural Cafe

Gangsters, hipsters, baristas, and necromancers all in a single cafe. What else would you expect from downtown Melbourne? All that and more are coming together in Route 59’s first big game, Necrobarista. Route 59 is an indie developer team based […]


Half-Life 3 Probably Won’t Get Confirmed

Gabe Newell, the head of Valve and Steam, is going to be doing an AMA later today. He will be accepting any question, but only answering the ones he wants to. So don’t get excited for any news on Half-Life.


UnDungeon and the Shift

UnDungeon is a top down action RPG with rogue like elements. It’s an innovative game using multiverse theory to create the unique world it resides in. The developers of UnDungeon are creating a game that reflects what their favorite parts […]


Nintendo Switch First Press Conference

It’s finally here. The big Nintendo presentation for the Switch is just hours away. They’ve also added a Treehouse event that will follow the reveal to expand on the information. Nintendo’s first big press conference for the Nintendo Switch is […]

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