The Fall of Lazarus: Exploring a Dying Ship

The Fall of Lazarus is a science fiction mystery game based around a deep and compelling narrative. It has been two years in the making by indie company No Wand Studios. Now, it needs some support, but they aren’t asking […]


Square Enix’s Newest RPG

Square Enix is breaking in the newly established studio Istolia. They are currently working on a new IP called Project Prelude Rune. Not only that, but they’ve got Hideo Baba to direct the game. Square Enix recently announced the new […]


White Wolf has New Vampire and Mage Games

White Wolf Publishing released the first two World of Darkness games in a very long time this week. They aren’t the big RPGs people were expecting, but they are fun for what they are. One follows the modern world of […]


Pokemon Go Heads to Johto

Pokemon Go isn’t done quite yet. The newest update is adding a lot of new things, and there are still more to come. They’re even putting in a wider selection of clothing for players. Pokemon Go already started heading into […]

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